My Metamorphosis: the never-ending journey of a shy girl.

Hania Fatima
4 min readSep 3, 2021


All newbies and top-rated writers are welcome to learn and recall their journey with me!

Do you know what Metamorphosis is?

It is a beautiful transformation from larva to butterfly. Let me tell you. Before a Butterfly, there should be an egg. Every top-rated was a newbie before.

As a human, life also has four developmental stages.

  • 1st stage where persons are just in the shell and faint-hearted. They never even think to break the boundary.
  • 2nd stage belongs to those who will evolve themselves, still lacking directions. Being on this stage means at least thinking and desiring something different.
  • 3rd stage humans are like a pupa. These persons are just a few steps away from achieving their dream life.
  • The 4rth stage means living the long-cherished dream.

Ready set, Learn!

To me, this is the first principle of life, the foundational principle, and a lesson you cant learn at the foot of any wise man: Get up! The art of living is simply getting up after you’ve been knocked down.

— Joe Biden —

What’s your stage?

Let me tell you mine. I am in the third stage. I am making a supreme effort to overcome my insecurities.

In my life, I tried to value others before myself. It was my utmost fear to make others angry. But, with time, it made me dull. My only task was to stay away from everybody and scroll my social accounts for a whole day. I was devastated.

My whole life shattered.

I lost my direction, my passion, and my happiness. I lost my creativity.

Kristina Tripkovic on unsplash

In the meantime, my health set on alarm. Mood swings, anger, and frustrations became my best friends. On my nights, I laid on a bed thinking and crying to be left alone. I was not left alone by others. I was left alone by myself.

In one crying night, a voice arose, why are you wasting yourself at such a young age? I asked many questions:

What do you want?

What do you need?

What are your goals?

Where is your passion?

It shook me all over. On that night, I figured out a graveyard in my heart. One by one, I buried my memories. I buried behaviors. I buried depression.

No regrets in life

I forgave,

I stopped,

I quitted,

I moved on,

I learned my lesson

Fuu J BY Unsplash

Writing was my passion since childhood. My reading and writing skills are genetically gifted. I used to read many child magazines and historical novels. As I grew up, I wrote many English and Urdu poems.

I have done poetry.

I used to write journals since childhood. It had all my best and worst.

So, after graduation, my ultimate goal is to be a writer.

Two years back, I enrolled in Digiskills for freelancing and creative writing courses. My first mentor was sir Hisham Sarwar. I have immense respect for him. I have also taken a track from Alison, Saylor Academy, and LinkedIn. My freelancing journey boosted my confidence. It let me come out of my shell. I am still learning and will continue to do it in my life.

Besides freelancing, one of my heartiest desire is to serve others. I am proud that I have not turned down the request of a single person who seeks my help in their writing or passion. I start counseling on LinkedIn. I am still doing it.

I took email courses too.

Sinem Günel has the best medium writing courses. She is a gem of a person. A supernova!

A shy, doubtful, imperfect girl is determined to be a strong, confident, and courageous young person. I am still exploring myself. My Metamorphosis may be different or slow from others but, I am enjoying it. I am doing everything in my way with guidance and knowledge.

I am a newbie on Medium, and I will be the top writer here.

To be tender-hearted was my choice, but my survival is my right.

Now, I have started a small chain of life lesson series on LinkedIn. In this series, I share my experiences with my followers and the whole platform.

We all need to learn from each other. There is no end to learning even you complete your Metamorphosis and develop into a beautiful butterfly.

Your hunt should be a continued lifetime!

High above the moon,

I can see myself.



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