Life Lesson Series: 5 Lessons learned Before older age

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Life is an amalgamation of sunset and sunrise. We make mistakes. That’s how we grow gradually. A mistake cannot fix, but it speaks a louder lesson. I am here to change perspective. Mistakes are opportunities for self-training. Don’t waste them. Learn from them.

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Here, I am going to share the five lessons you should learn before it’s too late.

  1. Life Lesson series: The struggle is real.

To make your life a rainbow and sunshine, you have to deal with it. Do not take life as an eternal loop of combating. The best thing is to believe and trust your abilities. Make the continuous effort, and one day there will be an inspirational story.

Personality is not genetically gifted. It can earn through continuous struggles and efforts.

Have you not read about NICK VUJICIC-the topmost motivational speaker. He was born without legs and arms, yet he crafted his destiny to survive and shine like a sun.

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2. Life Lesson series: Self-confidence and Trust building

We can not deny at some time, scrutiny in life become more critical. You have no margin, narrow edges, and how heartbroken you became. But trust me, you are more closer to yourself at that time. There is nothing that can happen itself except miracles.

Are you a true self-fan?

You know your inner voices that are bawling. Your friends, family, partners will be helpful if you open up doors for yourself. Count your blessings. Count your distinctive quality. Mark it and use it to stand against chaos. Use the strategy of “what you need” instead of blaming others. That’s how you build your confidence.

Self-Realization formula

Choose a quiet place. Sit and close your eyes. Now imagine your ideal life. What is your empowered version?

Where are you in your imagination?

What are your activities?

Who encloses on all sides?

What is the number in your bank?

Open your eyes, and list down all. I bet these are going to motivate you.

3. Life Lesson series: Express yourself

One of the biggest lessons in the era of digitalization is egoistic and senseless behavior toward all. Deliberately cease to think of expressing emotions, feelings, yourself to your loved ones. Paying attention to one thing means neglecting Human Nature. Human is a social animal. No one is going to live alone for their whole life. Value your personal life as well.

If you need satisfaction and want to see YOUR PEOPLE happy, what is a big deal in cracking your EGOISTIC NUT and come out to express your side to loved ones? Your parents, son, daughter, wife, husband, mentor, teacher, friends, soulmates will be left alone in the throng and popularity.

Most importantly, in a self-centered life, YOUR PEOPLE need some quality seconds, not minutes, not hours, not days. In your hustle and bustle, accept them, and attend them.

If you want a strong family and a peaceful home life, don’t give your family your leftover time. Give them your best.

-Victoria Osteen

4. Life Lesson Series: Expediency

There is Always Expediency In the situation you have now.

Take a deep breath

Keep Faith;

Let it Pass.

Life is like a reality check. As a human, we desire of many things in our lives and struggle to achieve them. Have we ever thought about whether these mean for us? Either our dearest person or thing or path is better for us? We do not think and listen to our hearts. We believe in it, and when life takes a sudden turn, we break.

In that difficult situation, I learned to be more humble and find the policy of God in doing so. Why does this thing happen? Why did your loved one leave you?

Find the reason and move on. We have to rise from ashes just like a phoenix.

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5. Life Lesson Series: A Difficult Decision

Sometimes, it is hard to decide what is wrong.

To choose an ancestral throne

or craft a destiny.

Both situations can go well if you prepare for them. A Prince can be King if he has the training and knowledge to rule. Otherwise, he can ruin the whole empire within days. On the contrary, you are not interested in the ancestral throne and want to craft your destiny. All you need is decision-making guts and faith.

A major life decision is never a choice but rather a realization that the decision has already been made.

-Doug Cooper

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