I am Lightened

A poem that specifies my self-love journey

Hania Fatima
Oct 6, 2021

It was not easy. It was the hardest thing for me. How can I prefer myself? Is not it a mean thing to do? That was me. But, as time passed. I lose my integrity in my eyes. I got a stress period. Regularly going for checkups. My doctor helped me a lot. And, here I am. Full of self-love and respect. This poem may be the last one of my past journey.

bady abbas on Unsplash

I ran far and far

I fade my scar

I have taken a time

to live up to par.

I am filling with happiness

reflecting my classiness

cleaning the slate

kicking out your nastiness.

And, darling guess now

I am a shining star

I am brightened.

I am lightened.



Hania Fatima

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